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Mediation is an efficient, cost effective, and relationship sustaining way to resolve differences and move on from a dispute. It's voluntary, private, and only binding if you agree.
In mediation, you are heard before a neutral mediator and the other party. The mediator facilitates the process, and you decide the terms of any agreement.  Mediation provides the opportunity to avoid huge litigation costs and to resolve disputes in a respectable manner.
Zachary See has worked with families, professionals, and community members from a variety of cultural backgrounds for over 20 years addressing domestic, workplace, and community



disputes. Zachary has mediated cases and structured agreements for: domestic disputes, including custody, parent coordination, education planning and separation agreements; the Massachusetts court system, including small business, contract, and housing disputes; and workplace disputes, including labor relations.


Zachary See is an experienced mediator, attorney, and teacher. His appreciation of alternative dispute resolution stems from experiences with families, employees, and parties in courthouses all seeking a more satisfying process for their disputes. Zachary focuses on the interests of the parties. He is committed to fair, respectful, and cost effective conflict resolution. His services include mediation, arbitration, case evaluation, and conflict coaching.


Zachary caters his approach to meet the needs of the parties, and can be facilitative or directive. He is a stalwart neutral, patient listener, and will test parties’ assumptions. A typical first mediation session includes: an introduction to the resolution process and confidentiality; consent to participate; identification of the parties’ interests; collective and individual meetings; and resolution assessment. Resolution and agreements commonly require multiple sessions. 


Professional Background:

Elementary School Teacher, Houston, TX; Youth Services Counselor, Santa Barbara, CA; Experiential Education Specialist, Boston, MA; Outdoor Instructor, New England; Licensed Attorney, MA and ME; Practicing Mediator, Arbitrator, and Neutral, MA.


Education Background:

Wesleyan University, BA; SOLO, WEMT; Northeastern University School of Law, JD; Harvard Law School, Mediation Training.

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